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Guidelines for Design and Execution of Steel fibre reinforced SCC

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One of the results of the Danish innovation consortium "Sustainable concrete structures with steel fibres"’s work is the drafting of the Guidelines providing recommendations and instructions on design and execution with steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC). The Guidelines were published in September 2013 in English.


Frontpage_Guideline for execution of SFRCGuidelines for Execution of Steel Fibre Reinforced SCC

This guideline is meant as a tool to assist designers and contractors in choosing fibre orientation factors for different types of applications. Furthermore, this guideline gives recommendations for the practical handling of SFRSCC on the job site e.g. what to be aware of compared to ordinary SCC.

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Guideline for Design of SFRC_FrontpageGuideline for Design of SFRC

This guideline for the design of steel fibre reinforced concrete structures is to be applied in conjunction with DS EN 1992-1-1 incl. Danish National Annex and covers the design aspects. This guideline is based on the German guideline "DAfStb-Richtline Stahlfaser-beton" from March 2010, but contains a number of modifications as discussed in the background document to this guideline.

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